The Oasis

While Seed will serve Bed-Stuy as a revolutionary retail destination, the shop also doubles as a first of its kind, 1600 square foot experiential art gallery with state-of-the-art technology. In addition to the immersive nature of the space itself, Seed will host curated exhibitions and events that cultivate its own cyclical creative culture from the ground up.

It all starts with the Oasis, Seed’s experiential branch and innovative gallery that reimagines how digital art is presented. The Seed Pod, a one-of-a-kind digital canvas, features monitors embedded in movable walls that collapse into individual, lush displays. The Seed Pod will house works from a diverse array of established and upcoming digital artists as well as highlight film and product from both established and independent brands.


The SEED POD comes with five movable digital walls each equipped with several monitors and nooks for displaying digital art, media, and products. Along with fifteen seats for workshops + lectures. The SEED POD features monitors embedded in movable walls, providing artists with a unique canvas for displaying digital artworks, and moreover, gives them the ability to show related physical products alongside the display. This intertwines the DIGITAL and PHYSICAL elements for both the artists and those engaging with their artwork, creating a one-of-a-kind “PHYGITAL” experience.


We've implemented Coronet's innovative LED magnetic track system for dynamic re-positioning of light modules, alongside Jesco and Nippo Lighting's cutting-edge LED linear products in retail spaces. The use of George Nelson-designed bubble pendants and RGBW track system adds programmable color options and adjustability, creating an industrial yet welcoming environment with specific LED color hues.


Features a unique full floor-to-wall projection experience with an 8k digital display, capable of showcasing visual art, branding content, video playback, and more. The pioneering projection mapping system, exemplified during the opening exhibition with artist Vince Fraser's lens and artwork, immerses viewers in a transformative Oasis experience, marking a first-of-its-kind installation at a retail location.